Nacie Carson is a professional development explorer and author. While she currently focuses her research and work on career evolution, entrepreneurship, the gig economy, and the Millennial work experience, she is always open to learning, interviewing, and investigating other topics related to professional and personal growth.

Nacie’s writing on professional development has been featured in myriad journalistic and media outlets, including,, Upstart (formerly Portfolio),, and PBS Next Avenue. While she has been cited as a career expert by the likes of FoxBusiness and CBS, she maintains her contribution to the field of professional development is not as an expert, but as a questioner, an observer, and a reporter.

Her book on adapting your career to the changing job market, entitled The Finch Effect: The Five Strategies to Adapt and Thrive in Your Working Life, was published with Jossey-Bass in May 2012.

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We can all harness our entrepreneurial energy by thinking strategically and acting tactically even in full-time jobs.
We need to assume that responsibility for our professional development is now on our shoulders, not our company's.
Consciously building your individual professional brand prevents other from building one for you by default.
Cultivate a gig mindset by remembering you are capable and interested in pursuing various career opportunities simultaneously.
We can adapt to changes in our lifetime, learning from and teaching each other to accelerate our adaptation.
Professionals have a clear choice in this job market: evolve their careers or risk career extinction.