More About Book Giveaways

How They Work...

We do a book giveaway every month (for the most part). After providing your e-mail address and mailing address you will automatically be entered to win. You only enter once and we'll keep your address on file for as long as you want us to. Each time we do a new giveaway we'll e-mail you about so you know what you have a chance to win.

Returning Users

If you had previously entered your address into our system before we relaunched the site, your address is still entered to win. If you have not had an address change, there is nothing further that you need to do.

Updating Your Address

For returning users who wish to update their address in our system, you will need to sign into the site. We have set aside an account for you based on your e-mail address. To get started you just need to create a new password.

If you've only signed up for our giveaway system on this version of the site you can change your address at anytime by visiting the current giveaway page or by going directly to the update address area.

Last update: about 2 years ago