How It Works


Daily Block: Learn something new every day by signing up for our Daily Block. Every morning (or you can choose to receive a weekly digest) we'll send you an email with short quote or excerpt from a new business book to spark or inspire your day's work.

Block: Visit our site whenever you need inspiration and comb through the curator and contributed blocks. Any quotation, short excerpt, link, video, audio clip, etc., you would like to save can be entered as a block. Includes space for a contextual extended entry and your personal notes on why this block is important to you.

Stack: A group of blocks linked together for the purpose of exploring a thought, solving a challenge, creating a presentation, or positing a theory. Use your own blocks or combine blocks made by other users. Includes additional areas for your personal notes on why this stack is important for you.

KnowledgeBOX: Become a premium member for only $80 a year, and receive a quarterly shipment of a new and notable business book, signed by the author, and supplemented by a dedicated online forum and other digital content.

What is KnowledgeBlocks?

Last update: about 2 years ago