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Discuss ideas sparked by BOX books with other premium members.
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July 2013: Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid (Q1)
By KBSally — 9 months ago
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Celebrate the ideas & motivations inspired by your free book.
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Monster Loyalty! Tell us how you've been inspired...
By KBSally — 11 months ago
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Ask questions and talk about blocks you find interesting in this forum.
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Hemingway on "the journey."
By KBSally — about 1 month ago
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Stack Discussions – 3 posts
Share your thoughts on a stack, which are a collection of thematic blocks.
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Seth Godin & Taking Risks
By KBSally — about 1 year ago
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Talk with us about KnowledgeBlocks. Have an idea? Share it! Need help? Ask us!

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KnowledgeBOX Shipping Delay
By KBSally — 2 months ago
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