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INITIATIVE is the privilege of picking yourself. You're not given initiative, you take it. Pick yourself. Vulnerable Taken from: V is For Vulnerable by Seth Godin
This short quote strikes me as the perfect thing to power up a Monday. It's not about setting unattainable goals or crafting brilliant art or selling the unsellable. It's about the essence of what it is to be human. It's a reminder that when you get up 30 minutes early in the morning so you can enjoy a cup of tea and some time with a pen and a blank sheet of paper, you pick yourself. When you speak up during a conference call no matter how awkward it is to interject, you pick yourself. When you volunteer to make the costumes for your child's school play even though you haven't sewn a lick since 7th grade, you pick yourself. When you make that call that starts it all, whatever that thing is, good or bad, you pick yourself.

Posted Sunday January 13 2013 at 10:10PM

Daily block for 01/14/2013

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