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It's far more dangerous to fly too low than too high, because it feels safe to fly low. We settle for low expectations and small dreams and guarantee ourselves less than we are capable of. By flying too low, we shortchange not only ourselves but also those who depend on us or might benefit from our work.

Icarus Taken from: Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception
As we work our way into this first full week of January 2013, finally settling down after the craziness of the holidays and the first of the year catch-up days, we can benefit from not only focusing on ourselves--"New Year, New You!"--but spending a few moments thinking about who else might profit from our new commitment to fly higher. We owe it to ourselves to push beyond what Godin calls our "safety zone," but we also owe it to others--peers, partners, family, friends, anyone who is touched by the work we do or the art we make--to share with them what we produce once we do that.

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